We are impressed with Rentmarketer! We had a Tenant pull out at the last mnute and being able to go back to the website to call and email everyone who contacted us was AWSOME!!! No other website has been so helpful! Thank you Rentmarketer!
Timothy A. & Aimee J. Ornelas - (Ornelas Property Management LLC)

Rentmarketer.com is almost to good to be true! We have taken our advertising to a new level and will never use print media again. After 30 years in the business our properties have never rented faster and we are attracting high quality renters. Thank you!
Marc Cunningham - (Grace Management)

WOW! I used your service to rent my home and in less than one month I have a signed two year lease. THANK YOU!!

Such a great concept to have one company that can market all your rental properties at so many sites on the internet with little time spent by my staff to get pictures to you and information on each property. This is really a tremendous benefit for any property management company to use. I also love the way you can track the leads & calls for us. Thanks RentMarketer.com!
Jan Lassen - (Home Sweet Home Management, Inc)

We have been very impressed with rentmarketer.com! It just rented 2 properties that were starting to become a bother! I would like you to thank you for helping me out in the beginning and introducing me to this site!
(Omni Property Management)

Excellent customer service, highly responsive and the site is very "user friendly"
(JLR Property Management)

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your service. I am a Realtor in the state of TX. You helped me find a tennant for one of my rental homes within one week of posting the ad. Very impressive. Thank You!
Lori Holbrook

Absolutely awesome. We had 23 leads in just over one week. We had great leads and actually rented one of our units in one week !! Can't beat that. Very impressed. Thanks rentmarketer !!
(Diversified Property Management)

"Your concept is awesome! Our phones are ringing off the hook. The emails are pouring in!" Joan Maranville - (Maranville Realty)

Just wanted to thank you RentMarketer.com! We rented our home only 1 week into the advertisement. We were so suprised to receive so many responses. The first day the ad came out, actually only hours after the ad came out, we had several responses. We thought RentMarketer.com was too good to be true but found out that you are true! Thank you RentMarketer.com Can't wait to post more ads with you!
Jill Smith - (Grace Management, Thornton, CO)

Rent Marketer has given my company a one stop advertising forum. I have discontinued all other media advertising of our single family units, because I can get 55 on-line sites with one entry. I ask Rent Marketer to “show me the money” and they did, by reducing my staff time significantly.
Peter Meer - (Meer & Company, Inc.)

Rent Marketer does the marketing for me so I can spend more time acquiring new properties. They advertise my properties and send me high quality leads that result in high quality tenants. Thank you for making finding renters much more efficient.
Connie - (Heartstone Properties)

I just wanted to write you to let you know that posting an ad with you was the best advertisement I have ever done. The response was overwhelming and I rented the property in less than a week. I would definitely recommend your site to any Landlord. Thank you.
Edward Doran - (Doran Inc.)

Rent Marketer quickly helped me find a tenant for my rental property efficiently and without hassle. I would definitely recommend this service over traditional newspaper print ads. This channel is more cost-effective when time and money is critical.
Nigel Properties

I rented out my properties within two weeks of posting with Rent Marketer and received my entire commission.
Mike Fava - (Pinnacle Estate Properties)

"You folks at rentmarketer.com are the greatest, you make my life much easier with your fast efficient service, where have you been all my real estate life?"
Donna - (Blackbrook Associates Property Management)

We are a first time user, and we are delighted to find rentmarketer. The site was searched nationwide, within one day, we were swarmed by prospective renters from different states. Our rental property was occupied in less than a week. It's a great tool to expose our rental property. Rentmarketer is highly recommended by us!
Benjamin Cheang (All Pro Realty of Denver)

I really liked your website. As soon as I posted all my rentals , my phone kept on ringing. It took less than 2 weeks to get all my rentals off the market, that's how fast it got rented. Thank you again for your fast service. From now on..I will use rent marketer to market all my rentals. Thanks again!!
E Nisan

I have had this one rental for the past 10 years. Most people will rent it for two or three years at a time. I then plan on a 30-60 day vacancy period to relet the house. But with your service, the house rented in 3 days with no loss of rent. I was amazed at the quality of the applicants, I had 23 to pick from.
Mark in Denver

The online ad system is definitely the way to go. It was amazing at how many people responded. The emails and phone calls were pouring in as soon as the ad went live. Thank you and it was really worth the investment. Take Care. Sharon

I am so utterly impressed with RentMarketer! I posted a house for rent on December 21st 2006 and by Christmas day I had a qualified lead. Though I received countless others, that first lead turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. My property is now off the rental market and I couldn't be happier. Thank you RentMarketer!!
Oneil Williams

I was directed to your site by Dave Watts of For Rent By Owner and it worked! We had multiple calls from ads generated by RentMarketer.com from around the region and around the country. A qualified tenant in Dallas saw the ad, saw the pictures and description, flew up to see it and we got a 12 month lease. Thanks to Dave and RentMarketer.com, we got it rented at the price we wanted in a difficult market.
Don Holden

Let me just say..this company has the BEST customer service I have EVER encountered!!! I own 3 rental properties and will continue to use your service to advertise all of them.
Erika Ferreri - WA

I had a unit on the market with 2 other on-line sources and it sat vacant for a month. I decided to try Rent Marketer because I was getting desperate. I had the unit rented within 2 days of posting the ad and have advised my existing and new clients to use Rentmarketer as our main source of marketing from now on.
Patrick C.

When i needed to rent my property, I looked around at a lot of websites that offered this as a "free service". Well seeing as i got maybe 1 call or email per month i realized you get what u pay for. But the same day i posted my ad with RentMarketer.com i started getting flooded with calls and emails. My place was rented in 3 weeks. Thanks Rent Marketer!
Dan Felico

What a great marketing tool. I received 30 plus responses and that is 29 responses more than the local paper got me. I rented my condo in 5 weeks instead of the 5 months the paper took. RentMarketer saved me thousands of dollars in economic vacancy compared to just advertising in the paper. I have already recommended this site to 5 friends and will continue to do so. I will be back the next time my place is needing a new renter.
Craig Biesterfeld

"The first tenant Rent Marketer sent me was qualified to rent my residence for $4,500. I feel good about the tenant and the process....Thank you for a very professional service" ~Steve C - Oakland Hills, CA
Steve C - Oakland Hills, CA

We had posted an ad on your website, about 6 weeks ago, and found renters in about 4 days. My brother-in-law put his house on your website and got renters in less than a week. I'm recommending your site to everyone who wants to rent their house out.
Thomas - Texas

Thank you for providing this service. We rented our property in 5 days! We had at least 20 responses in the five days it was on the market. Prospects named the various sites you advertise with and called from all over the country. We never had this volume of responses in this timeframe from local newspaper ads. This is record time to turnover our property - we will have no down time! We will definitely use this service for our other properties. Bruce and Linda
Linda Jackson

Just wanted to thank you! What a great service, I will only use rentmarketer from now on to advertise my properties. Thanks again! Pete
Peter - Florida

Excellent resource. We received 25 interested parties in under 2 weeks and rented the unit to very qualified tenants!

This website has done a great job for my property, in just couple of days posting i have received numerous phone calls and interested tenants, and was able to close a deal in 4 days. I would recommend this to people who have rental properties.

Thank you. Speed was of the essence on this property, and your system worked. We went 5 days from ad posting to occupancy on our terms.
T. Stanley

We signed up with your Gold package service a couple of days ago. We just wanted to thank you for your service, we got two calls today from very interested renters. We showed both of them the unit and they are both very interested. Jeff S.
Jeff S. - California

...I got several calls from people interested and it was a huge success and i owe it all to RentMarketer My thanks to RentMarketer, your service will be recommended and be the first place I list when I have a rental available.
George - Las Vegas

I used you along with 2 other services and Rent Marketer provided the most leads. It was because of you that I was able to rent it out in just over a week. Thank you. I also referred another person to use your service.
Eric - Seattle

I rented out my home in less time with Rent Marketer. Their marketing expertise and the fact that they posted my property on so many sites is such a value add. I will never use the paper again.
Carrie - Denver

The Toll-Free number Rent Marketer uses to track the phone calls is extremely valuable. I can finally quantify the phone leads that come in. On average, I see 50 percent of my leads coming from phone calls. This has allowed me to make sure I have someone answering these calls each day.